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Sometimes a high quality app can improve your overall SUP experience and that’s why we’re recommending the following;

GPS Tracks

GPS Tracks features recording capabilities so you can see previous routes, waypoints and locations, speed measurements and more. You can also play back routes or export your routes and data in various reporting formats.

For navigation, the app includes a compass to guide you while paddling and also provides bearing distance to your next waypoint. When you’re out on the water, your current locations can be sent via email or text message. This is a nice safety feature for longer paddles.

At $7.99, GPS Tracks is more expensive than several of the GPS apps out there, many of which are free. The difference is in the reliability, functionality, and comprehensive features with this one.

Wind Alert

WindAlert is the best app for current, accurate and location specific wind forecasting. It uses over 50,000 weather stations to provide real time local wind observations and global wind forecast data.

You can create and save wind profiles, receive wind alerts via text and view nautical charts. In addition to its usefulness for stand up paddleboarders, WindAlert has been tested and approved by some of the toughest critics: it’s used by hard-core windsurfers and offshore fishing charters for wind forecasting.

Upgrades start with the plus plan at $3.99/month. However, most recreational SUPers will be quite satisfied with the free plan.

Paddle Logger

This is an app designed for paddle boarders which allows you to track, analyze and share all of your paddling activities.



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